4 Bathroom Organization Tricks From The Pros

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The bathroom is usually one of the smallest parts of the average home, making organizing it challenging. In this post, Impact Home Solutions, your local bathroom contractor, shares some professional bathroom storage and organization tips:

1. Declutter 

You can’t optimize the floor space in your bathroom without decluttering some of your belongings. Throw out personal products that are way past their use-by date. Here’s a good rule for decluttering: If you’re not using a product every day, either throw it in the trash can or store it somewhere else. In general, personal care items should only take up a third of the bathroom countertop. 

2. Replace Drawer Fronts 

Shelves are easier to organize than drawers and provide easy access to toiletries. Not to mention open shelves can make your bathroom look and feel more spacious. If you prefer retaining drawers, you can use dividers or trays to organize their contents. 

3. Hidden Trash Cans 

Trash cans are a bathroom essential, but they can hinder movement in your bathroom. That’s why most homeowners hide them in the cabinets. A more innovative way of hiding the trash can would be to attach the trash can’s lid to the interior walls, so that the trash can slides out whenever you open the cabinet door. 

4. Cabinet Corner Organizers 

It’s important that you utilize every inch of space in your bathroom cabinets, including hard-to-reach corners. Tiered corner shelves can make good use of underutilized spaces and add a layer of organization to bathroom cabinets. 

5. When a Bathroom Remodel Is Needed

Of course, you can only do so much with a few organization tricks. If you think your bathroom is still too cramped, a bathroom renovation may be needed to free up underutilized floor space. How to tell if you need a new tub or a full bathroom remodel? You can consult a professional contractor. 

Looking for experienced contractors in your area? 

Impact Home Solutions, a contractor with nearly a decade of experience, offers professional bathroom remodeling services. To get a free estimate on the remodeling or tub replacement cost, call us at (502) 641-1023 or leave us a message here


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