Acrylic Vs Tile Shower Systems

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Acryling and tile are two of today’s most popular options for shower remodeling. Each has its own pros and cons, and in today’s post, local bathroom contractor Impact Home Solutions explores the differences between the two.

Acrylic Systems

Acrylic showers are assembled from custom-built panels, welded together during installation. With fewer pieces to assemble, installation takes a fraction of the time it would have taken to tile and grout the same area. Acrylic surfaces are less prone to mold and bacterial growth, and do not require much in terms of cleaning and maintenance. In addition to standard flat panels, you can choose simulated tile or beveled panels, along with various molded-in color options.

Many people perceive acrylic systems—and plastic components in general—as the less environmentally-friendly option. But its long life span and low maintenance requirements make it the more sustainable option, compared to tile. Adding components like grab bars and walk-in tubs is far easier, and does not require removing the old panels. In addition to a faster turnaround time, acrylic can also help keep tub replacement cost relatively low.

Tile Systems

Many homeowners choose tile for bathroom remodeling because it withstands exposure to water, and can be used for the entire bathroom area. The right kinds of tile on a shower system can provide a high-end appearance to even the simplest shower design.

There are several factors that you should put into consideration when choosing a tile shower system. Tile takes much longer to install, especially when intricate designs are involved, or if much smaller tiles are utilized. Tile is also heavier than acrylic, a factor that needs to be considered when installing shower systems on upper-story bathrooms.

Tiles have maintenance requirements. Grout needs frequent and thorough cleaning to remove stains, and may even require reapplication in case it cracks and crumbles. Tiles are less forgiving when it comes to installation mistakes. Small air pockets under the tile can result in cracks when pressure is applied to it.

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