Advantages Of Using Acrylic For Bathroom Remodeling

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Acrylic is often considered as a budget material, but it has certain unique advantages that you simply can’t get with cheap building materials. Local bath remodeler Impact Home Solutions takes a closer look at these benefits, in today’s post.

1. It Takes Less Time to Install — Acrylic bath systems are fabricated as seamless panels that can be easily installed onto existing bathroom walls. They take far less time to install compared to traditional tile baths and showers, which can be an important consideration when you have limited time to have your bathroom remodeling completed. Adding features such as grab bars and high-tech fixtures is also far less complicated.

2. It’s Seamless — Acrylic bath systems are custom-built for specific bathrooms, and are designed to be locked and welded upon installation. The resulting shower or bathtub replacement is a seamless enclosure that is less likely to form leaks. They also provide a clean look, which particularly works for modern bathroom styles.

3. It’s Easy to Clean — Acrylic does not scratch, chip, stain or fade, which makes it ideal for long-time use. In addition to being able withstand daily wear, acrylic baths are mold-resistant: an important feature for components that are intended to be exposed to humid environments. Acrylic baths do not have porous surfaces like grout, which means it’s less prone to soap scum and discoloration.

4. It Comes In Many Color and Texture Options — People associate acrylic with white showers and bathtubs, but it is available in virtually any color imaginable, which gives you more latitude for your bathroom color palette. In addition to a high-gloss finish, you can choose surfaces that allow more traction, which helps make the bath surfaces less slippery.

5. It’s Cost-Effective — With the benefits described above, it’s a wonder that acrylic showers and bathtubs are as affordable as they are. This lets you allocate your budget to other parts of your bathroom remodel, such as fixtures, tiles, or accessibility features.

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