Applying The 7 Principles Of Universal Design In Your Bathroom Remodel

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Bathroom remodeling projects are easy when contractors apply the fundamental principles of universal design. These are rooted in the idea that everything has to be functional for all ages and abilities. Impact Home Solutions does this for your shower replacement needs. When we remodel your home, we apply the seven principles of Universal Design, which are as follows:

 1.       Be Simple and Intuitive

We make it a point to cut complexity out and be consistent with user expectations. We consider people’s literacy and language skills. We encourage our team to come up with design concepts that are both simple and effective.

2.       Cater to All Users

We aim to provide the same means for use for all homeowners, equal if not always identical. We allow for equal privacy, security, safety and appeal to all.

3.       Allow Flexible Use

We always make it a point to provide flexibility in methods of use allowing right-handed or left-handed access and use of various home installations. Impact Home Solutions applies this to projects such as shower replacement faucets.

4.       Information Awareness

We use pictorial, verbal and tactile means to present essential information and its surroundings. Allow compatibility with the techniques or devices used by people with sensory limitations.

5.       Reduce Need for Physical Effort

Allow the user to maintain a neutral body position while using reasonable operating forces. Reduce responsive actions and sustained physical effort. This applies to the use of shower replacement doors.

6.       Discourage Unconscious Actions

Arrange objects to cut hazards and errors. Make most used objects more accessible and drop, isolate, and shield hazardous ones. Provide warnings, alerts, and fail-safe features. Discourage unconscious action in tasks that require vigilance.

7.       Size and Space for Easy Approach and Use

Make important elements readily visible and easy to reach for any seated or standing user. Allow for differences in hand and grip size. Provide enough space for the use of assistive devices or personal aid.

Impact Home Solutions provides homeowners with the best in bathroom remodeling. We serve Eastern Jefferson County, Oldham County and Shelby County, KY. Call (502) 641-1023 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate.


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