Bathroom Remodeling Survival Tips

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A typical bathroom remodeling project is dusty, noisy and has many people going in all directions. Bathroom remodels usually last several weeks, which means you will need a survival plan before remodeling begins. In this blog, shower replacement company Impact Home Solutions share tips on how to survive your bathroom remodeling project.

It Will Be Dusty

Expect a lot of dust during different stages of remodeling: drywall and tiles will be cut, old components will be ripped out, maybe the bathroom will be temporarily left open to dust from the outdoors. This means you need to make sure that furniture, large electronics and other valuables are protected with dust covers. Temporarily relocate as many items as you can to other rooms, and shut the doors at all times to minimize dust infiltration.

Proper ventilation is key to reducing dust that could linger indoors. An efficient HVAC system should catch dust and other particulates and prevent them from recirculating. During remodeling, you need to inspect the air filters in your HVAC system, as they can get clogged quickly. Whether they’re laying down tiles or installing shower replacement doors, your remodeler should mount an exhaust fan on the windows to draw the dust as they work.

Set Up a Temporary Bathroom

If you’re remodeling the only bathroom in the house, you will need a temporary one that you can use in the meantime. During planning stages, ask your contractor if they can set up temporary showers and toilets. If this option is not available, look into renting one at cost, and make sure it is set up at least a day before remodeling begins.

Anticipate Delays

Project delays don’t always happen, but, nevertheless, it is a good idea to anticipate and prepare for them. Bathroom remodeling delays can be caused by the weather, unplanned repairs or components with slow curing times. Don’t have anyone come over at least a week after the planned completion date. Make sure you’re prepared for unplanned structural repairs by preparing an “emergency fund,” as such repairs are not part of the contractor’s quotation. Ten to 20% of the quoted cost is usually enough to cover such repairs.

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