Bathroom Remodeling Timeline Why It Takes Weeks To Complete

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We often get surprised reactions from our bathroom remodeling clients when we get to the part discussing the timeline, as it typically takes weeks to finish. Your local bath remodeler, Impact Home Solutions shares an overview of a typical bathroom remodeling timeline.

Week 1: Demolition, Rough-Ins and Framing

Assuming that the permits are granted, materials are delivered and the contents of the bathroom cleared, the first step is demolishing the old bathroom. It may take two days to do so if the plumbing needs to be preserved, or if the walls and floors are made of concrete. Plumbing rough-ins are done if changes will need to be made, as is often the case when a new tub or toilet has to be installed. It will take an electrician another half a day to run electrical lines. A thorough inspection will then be conducted before the next step.

Week 2: Insulation and Drywall

Wall insulation takes about half a day, as the exterior walls will already have insulation. Hanging the drywall may take up to two days, including joint compound application, drying and sanding. By the end of the second week, areas that require painting will be painted. A second thorough inspection will be conducted.

Week 3: Tilework to Completion

If everything is going on schedule, tilework should begin during the third week. Tile insulation is labor-intensive work. Tile adhesive, which is similar to concrete, takes time to cure. Smaller tiles take longer to install and cure because it has more grout lines. Complex tile designs can make installation time even longer. Once the tiles have set, it will take another two to three days to complete hookups for the toilet and bathtub replacement, sink and electrical components.

Give or take a few days, a bathroom remodeling project takes about three weeks, all told. Factors such as complexity, material availability and bathroom floor plan can take much longer to complete. Large master bathrooms can sometimes take as long as nine weeks.

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