Best Ways To Add Heating To Bathrooms

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People don’t usually think about bathroom heating until that moment they step on cold tiles after a warm bath. If a bath replacement is in your plans in the near future, then you should factor in dedicated bathroom heating. In this blog, Impact Home Solutions discusses the ways you can heat up your new bathroom.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating features electric coils or water-heated tubes embedded in the floor. This is the best example of dedicated floor heating, and also the most complicated to install, as this will require tearing off the floor prior to installation.

Supplemental Space Heater

These are nothing like those portable space heaters that look like the insides of a toaster. In fact, a skilled bath remodeler can integrate certain types of space heaters into the bathroom design seamlessly. Also, these units are designed for use in relatively small spaces, and won’t make a big dent in your energy bill.

Heated Toilet Seats

It’s not just the floor, of course. Sitting on a cold toilet seat is very uncomfortable, particularly during winter mornings. Heated toilet seats come in standard sizes, and can be installed on existing toilets.

Infrared Lamp

You might be surprised to know that heat from the sun comes from infrared radiation. Infrared lamps simulate heat from the sun, and can also double as bathroom lighting. It’s practically a mini-sun in the bathroom that you can turn off and on as needed. A 250-watt bulb is enough to heat an average-sized bathroom.

Natural Light

You can also just turn to the real deal and harness sunlight to warm your bathroom. Install windows with large glass areas on south-facing walls for maximum natural lighting. Skylights are great for upper-story bathrooms, as they provide ample natural lighting and a view of the sky, all without compromising privacy.

A Fireplace

If your bathroom has space to spare, a small fireplace would be a great addition. While it’s not as efficient as a furnace, a wood-burning fireplace doesn’t consume fuel or electricity.

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