Buying Bathroom Windows 4 Factors To Consider

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Bathroom windows have slightly different requirements than choosing a window for other parts of the house. They need a good balance between privacy, ventilation and natural lighting. In this blog, Impact Home Solutions bathroom remodeler shares the factors you should consider when choosing a new bathroom window.

  1. Window Size — The bigger the windows are, the brighter the room will be. If your window replacement project allows resizing the wall opening, or is part of a bathroom remodeling project, get the biggest window area that the room will allow. It could be a single large window or a bank of smaller windows.
  2. Privacy — There are many ways to control privacy that won’t cost you the way a shower replacement cost might. The glazing can be textured or frosted, or equipped with decorative stained glass. While this obscures the view, it still provides ample amounts of lighting and ventilation while keeping your windows hidden from the outside, even up close. There is also a wide variety of window treatments that can be installed after the fact. Many homeowners prefer lacy curtains, as they don’t block natural light. Plantation shutters provide a more rigid design, however, if you prefer wooden shutters, make sure they’re properly treated against humidity.
  3. Window Placement — Window placement can likewise play an important role in providing privacy, ventilation and natural lighting. While conventional window placement works for most bathroom designs, consider unusual window placements. For example, a row of narrow windows placed up high can allow natural lighting and ventilation, and can even help save on useable wall space.
  4. Window Style — Bathrooms are humid, therefore it needs ample ventilation. You need at least one operable window that can be a standalone installation or mulled with other window styles. Most styles work within a bathroom setting, which gives you more latitude on your window style of choice.

If you’re asking yourself questions like “do I need a new shower?” then Impact Home Solutions is the remodeler to turn to fopr answers. Give us a call at (502) 206-2044 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.


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