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Durability is arguably the most important quality of a patio door. A patio door’s durability usually depends on the material used to make it. Most contractors would recommend choosing patio doors made from either wood, fiberglass and aluminum.

To help you make the most of your new patio doors, the shower replacement experts at Impact Home Solutions discuss the advantages of each door frame material in this post.


There’s a reason why wood remains one of the most widely used construction materials. Aside from its sturdiness, natural wood is known for its classic appeal. Depending on the kind of timber used, wooden patio doors can give your exterior a vintage look that’s usually seen in high-end homes.


Aluminum patio doors can give you a great view of the scenery outside. Aluminum is very malleable and can be manufactured into sleek frames that can support wide glass panels. The wider the glass area, the better the views, and the more natural lighting your patio doors can provide. Aluminum patio doors, alongside metallic elements, can also give any space a modern/industrial feel, which happens to be a popular aesthetic for shower replacement doors and bathroom renovations in general.

Of course, aluminum is not without any disadvantages. Since it conducts heat and cold very well, aluminum patio doors are not the best choice for areas with temperate climates. However, manufacturers like Milgard® have manufactured thermally improved aluminum doors that can reduce heat loss.


Fiberglass doors would be a smart choice for those living in temperate climates. Fiberglass, which is composed of glass fibers and resin, resist thermal shock or stress brought about by rapid changes in the temperature. Plus, fiberglass patio doors have minimal maintenance needs. They don’t need to be repainted for upkeep but you can have them painted with a new color if you want to update your exterior. To learn more about your patio door options, consult a professional contractor.

One more thing: Not all patio doors are manufactured equally, which is why it’s best to stick to trusted brands like Milgard.

Impact Home Solutions, a contractor with nearly a decade of experience, offers a wide variety of bathroom fixtures and exterior doors, including patio doors from Milgard. To get a free estimate, call us at (502) 641-1023 or leave us a message here.


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