Consider These Popular Styles For Your Bathroom Remodel

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Choosing the right bathroom style is probably one of the first things you’ll need to do when you’re planning a full remodel. But you might end up spending more than what you’re intending to if you don’t know how to manage it. As exceptional remodeling contractors who can give you a good shower replacement cost for your bathroom, we’re more than qualified to help you choose the perfect style for your bathroom. Here are some of the most popular bathroom styles.


In Asian-styled bathrooms, you’ll often find naturally smooth lines and intriguing fibers to achieve the feeling of having a serene bathing experience. You’ll find that harmony and balance are the main themes here, so expect strong, sturdy shapes, wooden elements, and carved statues balanced with orchids, red towels and circular motifs. You can even add Chinoiserie wallpaper designs if you’re going for something more floral.


Sometimes, a professional bathroom remodeler would suggest this bathroom aesthetic for homes with architectural designs from the last few decades. This design is also a great choice if you’re into vintage finds and desire to soak in an old-fashioned tub. You can see how the appeal can be maintained with the retention of naturally rough surfaces such as brick or sandstone interior walls or other upcycled materials that used to serve other purposes such as panels that once housed a fireplace. 


The industrial aesthetic combines raw and durable materials such as brick, steel and concrete with minimalism and practicality. You’ll usually find this style in urban properties such as lofts and condos. If you’re looking to have more function and toughness in your bathroom remodel, then this style is a great choice to consider.


While some would say that this style works best when you have an authentic Craftsman home, this still has elements that are worth considering for any bathroom. In this type of style, you’ll typically find stained wood and attention to quality such as handmade tiles. Although a bit more niche compared to the other styles previously mentioned, this may just be the aesthetic you’re looking for in your bathroom remodel.

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