Debunking Common Window Replacement Myths

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The windows in your home experience a lot of wear and tear over the years. They are constantly exposed to the elements and get opened and shut relentlessly. As such, they will need replacement eventually. 

There are certain beliefs that surround window replacement. These myths often keep people from making the right decisions. To make sure that you don’t get misled by these myths, Impact Home Solutions, your trusted bath remodeler, presents the truths behind them.

Myth 1: Windows Don’t Affect Energy Efficiency

Don’t make the crucial mistake of falling for this top myth. Experts agree that homeowners can lose up to a whopping 70% of energy through inefficient windows and doors. To counter this, contractors recommend Low-E windows to eliminate drafts while saving your furniture from UV heat damage.

Myth 2: Summer is the Perfect Time for Window Replacement

The most common misconception is that summer alone allows a successful window replacement. People think that it provides the only opportunities for such a project. The truth is, a skilled and experienced installer doesn’t wait for a specific season to do the job right, whether it’s window installation, bath replacement, or other projects.

Myth 3: Wooden Windows Are Expensive

As homeowners, it’s natural to want the best materials. This, however, often means more expenses. Wood windows, while sometimes costly, are actually worth the initial investment you put in them. They can last up to 60 years and can be repainted and maintained to extend their longevity.

Myth 4: All Windows Must Be Replaced at the Same Time

A top reason homeowners delay to address malfunctioning windows is that they believe they’ll need to replace the others as well. There is no rule among contractors that states this. Premier contractors will work with you to address your specific needs and work with whatever budget you set.

If you’re considering a window or bathtub replacement, let Impact Home Solutions help. We offer high-quality products and services to maintain the integrity of your homes. Call (502) 641-1023 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate.


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