Design Tips On Making Your Bathroom Look More Upscale

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Making your bathroom look more upscale doesn’t always mean you have to splurge on premium materials. In fact, small tweaks to your bathroom remodeling plans can make your bathroom look a lot more upscale without overly inflating your bathroom and shower replacement cost. In today’s post, Local Impact Home Solutions shares tips that can help make your bathroom look more upscale.

Metallic Shades and Textures Matter

Gold and other metals can be tricky when used on major components such as fixtures. For example, brass can add warmth and elegance, but some shades may look off, and may instead look garish. Textures can also make a difference: gold looks dated, but brushed gold in modern shapes provide a contemporary look.

Splurge on Shower Curtains

If you prefer shower curtains over sliding doors and enclosures, elevate their look by choosing custom shower curtains instead of off-the-rack ones. Material that’s used for bedroom curtains are ideal, as they create contrast against the textures you normally find in bathrooms. A waterproof shower liner under your custom shower curtains help minimize soaking, which helps prevent odors and mold growth. A good bathroom remodeler can help you pick the colors and textures that will work with the rest of the bathroom.

Use Lighting for Visual Interest

Lighting can be more than just a means to provide illumination in the bathroom. Indulge in lighting that creates a sense of grandeur in your bathroom. People often think of installing crystal chandeliers in foyers and dining rooms, but these elegant fixtures likewise look great in large bathrooms.

Use Classy Containers

There’s nothing wrong with using the product packaging that your shampoo, body wash and lotion came in with, but using matching containers can make your bathroom look more upscale. Dispensers with glass bottles do away with product labels, which means it won’t matter if you choose to buy refill pouches or budget products: they will always look classy in these containers. Transparent bottles also provide visual cues to their contents without the need to apply labels.

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