Expert Tips For Designing A Timeless Bathroom

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Designing a bathroom that never goes out of style is tricky. Many of the inspiration you could find on the Internet would be based on the current trends that might turn out to be fads before you know it.

To make your bath not lose its appeal for as long as you live in your house, use these tips from Impact Home Solutions, a trusted local bathroom remodeler, below.

Place a Premium on the Essentials

During the planning stage, focus your energy on key bathroom fixtures such as the sink, toilet, and vanity. These elements define the long-term functionality of your intimate space. When they work, the utility of your bathroom will never get old.

Ask yourself these questions: Do I need a new shower? Should I have both a tub and a shower? How much counter space do I need? What features should I look for to meet my current and future needs?

Get the Lighting Right

Whether the illumination comes from bulbs or the sun, do not try to experiment with unproven ideas. Go with the classic arrangement like wall scones or a chandelier. The use of clerestory windows is brilliant, for it allows abundant daylighting without sacrificing your privacy.

Be Neutral

In terms of colors, you can’t go wrong with neutrals. White is a favorite because it helps make the bathroom feel airy, clean, and hygienic. It does not mean black is a no-no, though. A dark neutral color could work as long as it is not painted on everything. One wall would suffice.

Turn Accessories Into Decorations

Timeless bathrooms do not have clutter problems. In order to make your space stylish without going heavy with decorative details, make every design element attractive in itself. Of course, visual harmony matters, so combine only accessories and fixtures that look good together.

Turn to Impact Home Solutions to design your new bath to perfection. Call us at Impact Home Solutions to get a free estimate that includes the shower replacement cost and other relevant expenses.


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