Expert Window Installers 4 Mistakes They Avoid Making

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When you’re having new windows installed in your home, it’s highly recommended that you hire professionals to get the job done. However, when you’re hiring window installers, it’s important that you hire only the best of the best. Otherwise, if you hire an inexperienced installer, you might leave your window vulnerable to a few installation mistakes.

Here, Impact Home Solutions, the experts who offer a reasonable window and shower replacement cost, lists the four mistakes expert window installers always avoid making.

1. Dirty Hands – Expert roofers will always make it a point to wear gloves when installing your new window’s foam and sealant. That way, they can avoid accidentally smearing foam and sealant on the finished parts of your window, the stains of which can be difficult to remove from unfinished wood.

2. Failing to Follow Instructions – If you hire an expert window installer to add your new windows, failing to follow the installation instructions is one mistake that they’ll never make. This is because they know how important it is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to ensure that your windows will be properly installed.

3. Wrong Size Rough Opening – A 2 inch by 3 inch double-hung window’s rough opening requirements usually vary depending on the window style and manufacturer. Should an installer get this wrong, the callback can consume some of the homeowner’s time and money. However, if you hire an expert window installer and bathroom remodeler like Impact Home Solutions to get the job done, you can rest assured that this is a mistake that they’ll never make.

4. Securing Nail Fins Without Repeated Inspections – Bent or angled nails can easily push your window out of place and rectifying this can sometimes cost a significant amount. Luckily, if an expert window installer puts your new windows in place, they’ll repeatedly inspect the nail fins as they fasten it, ensuring that your window operates properly and that it remains centered, plumb, and square.

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