Important Bathroom Considerations You Should Never Overlook

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Bathroom remodeling is not just about considering the design and style of important features like the toilet, sink or tub, or even knowing the shower replacement cost. There’s much more to this project, some of which homeowners tend to forget. Before you go out and find the best wallpaper or paint color for your bathroom, make sure you keep these often-overlooked considerations in mind: 


The bathroom is much like any room in your home in that it requires ventilation. It prevents odors from getting trapped and moisture from accumulating. The latter, if not addressed, can lead to mold growth. Installing a window would suffice, but it should be high and small enough to retain a certain level of privacy for your bathroom. The addition of an exhaust fan works in keeping moisture at bay.


Never disregard the need for storage when renovating your bathroom. A functional bathroom should have enough space to store your essentials, from beauty products, makeup, towels to toiletries. A traditional cabinet-style vanity works well for your storage needs instead of a pedestal sink. Also, make sure the storage areas are within easy reach and in an obvious place.


A strip of LED lighting over your vanity mirror won’t be enough. Your bathroom remodeler will help you focus on this integral aspect of the remodel, and for good reason. The space should be well-lit to avoid slips and falls. A bright space also enhances the room’s aesthetic appeal, making it more of a cozy refuge than a mere pit stop.


Should you hide your plumbing or not? If you want to achieve a more industrial or vintage look, you may choose to leave the plumbing supply lines underneath the sink exposed. For a more modern look, you’d want them to be hidden behind the sink pedestal.

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