Saving Bathroom Space A Primer On Shower Types

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As any experienced renovator can attest to, a bathroom remodeling project is more complex than your typical renovation project. That’s because the bathroom is usually the smallest part of your home. This, in turn, means you don’t have a lot of room for error. 

A shower is an essential part of any bathroom with limited space. Impact Home Solutions, a top bath remodeler in the state, gives you an overview of the different shower types and styles below. 

Corner Showers:  The Most Compact Shower 

Size is the main priority for houses with small bathrooms. Corner showers are the best choice if you want a shower that’s as compact as possible. But if you have some square footage to spare, try looking at other shower types. While they may take up a bit more space, they can offer more functionality to or be a better fit aesthetically for your bathroom. 

Cubicle Showers: Easy-to-Install and Watertight

The size of a cubicle shower differs: At 70×70 cm square cubicles are the most compact. Rectangular cubicle showers, on the other hand, can reach up to 140 cm in length. Cubicle showers may take up more space than corner showers, but they more than make up for it in terms of their ease of installation.  

Cubicle showers already have a tray, wall panels and doors, making them quicker and easier to install. And since this shower is already complete and watertight, you don’t have to tile the surrounding masonry to protect them from splashes. 

Walk-In Showers: A Contemporary Style for the Busy Professional

For homeowners who prefer a more contemporary style, a walk-in shower would be a good choice. Walk-in showers have no doors, making it easier for homeowners to walk in and out. The time you’ll save not seem much, but for busy professionals, a few minutes can be the difference between being late or being on time for work. 

Walk-in showers are also a common feature in contemporary bathrooms and are easier to design. All you have to do is pick a shower panel and tiles for your bathroom and decorate your floor. 

Whichever shower style you choose for your bath replacement, you should only hire an experienced remodeler. Bathroom remodeling projects, as mentioned earlier, are complex projects because apart from maximizing the limited space, contractors have to deal with the plumbing. 

Looking for an experienced remodeler in your area? 

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