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If you’re like most people, a relaxing soak in the tub is the perfect way to cap your busy day. You probably wouldn’t want to do that in an old bathtub. If you’ve been searching online for “how to tell you need a new tub,” look no more; Impact Home Solutions has the answers.

Signs You Need a New Bathtub

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should get a new bathtub soon, check your tub if it has any of the following traits:

  1. Stains, Mold and Mildew — Stains in the bathtub aren’t just awful to look at, they may also indicate your tub is full of germs and bacteria. If the stains won’t come off even after you scrub and sanitize it, you will need to look for a replacement soon.
  2. Leaks — You can test your tub for a leak by filling it up and plugging the drain. Mark the water level with blue painter’s tape or a dry-erase felt tip pen, and leave it for a few hours. If there’s a significant difference in the water level, you can either talk to a plumber about drain repair, or your bathroom contractor about replacement.
  3. Difficult to Use — If you find it difficult to get in or out of the tub, you need a new one with a different design. Walk-in tubs are becoming more popular because they allow easy access and saves bathroom space, and is one of the best upgrades you’ll make if you’re planning on aging in place.

Factors to Consider When Buying a New Bathtub

You should buy the bathtub that works best with your needs. The following are some important factors you should consider before making your choice:

  1. Bathroom Space — If your bathroom could use some space, buying a tub with the same or similar size might not be a good idea. Instead, consider the aforementioned walk-in tub. Also, make sure the new tub will align with the existing plumbing.
  2. Bathtub Weight — Make sure your bathroom floor can carry the weight if you’re planning on getting a tub made of heavy material. A plastic tub can weigh just about 50 pounds when empty, while a cast iron one can weigh at about half a ton. The change in material will, of course, affect the tub replacement cost.
  3. Comfort — When visiting a showroom, make it a point to try the tub on for size. Most bathtub dealers and contractors should let you sit in the tub to try it on, so to speak.

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