Smart Solutions For Common Small Bathroom Problems

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Small bathrooms are a challenge for even the most seasoned of remodelers. One has to find a good balance between having all the essential features while keeping the bathroom beautiful and fully functional. In today’s post, local shower replacement contractor Impact Home Solutions shares smart solutions to common small-bathroom problems.

Use Wall-Hung Fixtures

Using standard fixtures on small bathrooms can quickly take up floor space. Foregoing some of these fixtures or choosing smaller versions may not be the most comfortable or the best-looking option. Wall-hung sinks and toilets can help create the illusion of a bigger bathroom by clearing the floor area below these fixtures. The only major consideration with choosing wall-hung fixtures is the existing plumbing, as some of it will need to be rerouted through the walls.

Utilize Unusual or Awkward Corners for Storage

Bathrooms that are attached to lofts or converted attics tend to take unusual shapes. This provides an opportunity to be creative with your floor plan, while addressing awkward parts of a room, such as sloping roofs. Floor-level storage can be pushed towards the rafter tails, which would allow more flexibility for placing shower replacement faucets and other fixtures.

Build Storage Niches

People tend to think of cabinets or open shelves when considering options for bathroom storage, however they tend to make small bathrooms even smaller. Recessed niches are like reverse shelves, and provide the same functions as shelves do without crowding the bathroom. Walls that conceal plumbing are typically deeper, and are therefore ideal for storage niches.

Planned Lighting Compensates for Lack of Windows

Your tiny bathroom may be located in a spot where a window or skylight is not an option. This means you will need to approach bathroom lighting differently. Overhead fittings need to provide bright but not harsh lighting. For example, concealed LED strips set along the entire length of the bathroom will provide even lighting across the bathroom, simulating slit windows. A light color palette can also help you get the most out of your lighting fixtures.

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