The Best Quick Upgrades For Guest Bathrooms

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Your guest bathroom may be a room in your home that isn’t used very often but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t upgrade it. After all, you’ll want the guest bathroom to be presentable and usable for your guests when they stay the night. But how exactly should you upgrade your guest bathroom?

In this article, Impact Home Solutions, the pros in installing shower replacement faucets, reveal the best quick upgrades you can consider for your guest bathroom.

Tub Replacement

Your bathroom’s tub is considered to be one of a bathroom’s main focal points. With that in mind, if the bathtub in the guest bathroom is considered ugly and outdated, consider replacing it with a modern and up to date bathtub. For better results, be sure to choose one made of high quality products that is made with materials that can last for a long time and repel dirt and grime at the same time.

Bathroom Conversion

Want to replace the guest bathroom’s tub with a shower or vice versa? If so, then go for it. According to professionals, a bathroom conversion is one of the most convenient and quick upgrades that you can consider for your guest bathroom, especially if your guest is facing challenges in terms of mobility. To push through with your bathroom conversion plans, don’t hesitate to turn to the shower replacement pros of Impact Home Solutions.

Shower Enclosure Replacement

No one wants to have shower walls that are foggy, dirt filled and infested with mildew or mold. Therefore, if your shower enclosure is beginning to show these signs, replacing the enclosure is one of the best quick guest bathroom upgrades that you can consider for a fresh, clean look.

Planning a bathroom remodel? Simply turn to Impact Home Solutions, the leading professionals to approach when it comes to installing shower replacement doors and replacement bathtubs. Give us a call at (502) 641-1023 or fill out our contact form to get a FREE estimate.


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