The Energy Efficient Features Of Replacement Windows

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Boosting the home’s energy efficiency is one of the many reasons homeowners pursue window replacement. Indeed, it is possible to achieve energy savings and better overall indoor comfort when replacing existing units with new ones. In this particular home improvement project, considering replacement windows with energy-efficient features as the best way to go.

Impact Home Solutions, a leading shower replacement contractor in the local area, also specializes in tackling window replacement projects. Today’s blog puts the focus on the features of these replacement window units.

Window Glass

Energy-efficient windows often feature glass with low-emissivity (low-E) coating. It acts as a sieve that filters ultraviolet and infrared light whenever sunlight enters through the window. Without these light frequencies, furniture and other fixtures inside the home are protected against fading while ensuring acceptable levels of comfort.

Window Panes

Our pros who specialize in shower replacement faucets can also ensure the windows they install feature dual glass panes. Such configuration gives our units their excellent thermal performance, reducing the likelihood of outdoor heat entering the home during summer and indoor heat escaping during winter.

Frame Material

Apart from durability, the various materials in which the windows’ frames are made have top-notch insulation qualities that ensure comfort while adding lasting beauty to the home. Turn to our pros to help you decide on the right frames for your replacement windows.

At Impact Home Solutions, we are proud to use window replacement products from American Window & Glass, which partners with ENERGY STAR® to conserve energy and help reduce your energy bills up to 32%.

When you consider us as your local bath remodeler, you can be sure of high-quality materials, industry-best warranties and flawless workmanship from the people you can trust. We offer products from Onyx Solutions, including shower replacement doors, bases and faucets, among others.

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