The Handy Guide To Buying Entry Doors

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Entry doors are so much more than just a means of entry to your home. This is why, when choosing an entry door, it must provide security, it must be durable, and it must command attention from the curb. In this blog, local entry door and shower replacement contractor Impact Home Solutions shares a quick guide for buying an entry door.

Features You Should Look For

Entry doors are available in just about any design and configuration. While an aesthetically-pleasing design is a must, your entry door should also have the following features:

  1. Security and Durability — The entry door must be strong enough to withstand severe impact. There should be a good balance between weight and durability. A door that’s too heavy would be difficult to open and close.
  2. Energy Efficiency — The entry door is part of your home’s energy envelope, which means it should have sufficient insulation to prevent heat leaks. ENERGY STAR® certification labels make it easy for you to find energy-efficient entry doors. The fewer heat leaks your home has, the higher the energy savings.
  3. Low Maintenance — Unlike shower replacement doors, certain types of entry doors are not ideal for prolonged exposure to moisture. Low-maintenance entry doors help reduce the effort needed to keep it clean and beautiful.

Door Types

In addition to traditional solid wood doors, you can also choose between fiberglass and steel doors. Each type has its pros and cons, all of which you should consider before making your choice. A metal door is the most affordable option, but may get permanently dented on impact. Fiberglass may crack on impact, but has better temperature resistance and has low maintenance requirements. Wood doors remain relatively expensive and requires frequent maintenance, yet has natural insulation and durability.

Other Features

Look for other features that improve its useability, such as an adjustable threshold, which prevents stuck or hard to operate doors, and the type of glass insert. A double-pane insert functions like the insulated glass found on energy-efficient windows. It helps keep your home energy-efficient, and allows natural light without the need for sidelights.

Impact Home Solutions offers ProVia® entry doors, as well as smaller remodeling services including shower replacement faucets. Give us a call at (502) 206-2044 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.


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