The Warning Signs How To Tell If Your Windows Are Failing

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Have your heating and cooling costs increased this month? Failing windows are a possible cause behind a higher power bill. Impact Home Solutions, a top bathroom contractor in the state, elaborates on the causes and signs of failing windows below. 

Why Windows Fail

A significant advantage modern windows have over older ones is their energy-efficiency. Most modern windows have double or triple glass panes that help insulate your home. Manufacturers fill the space between the two panes with argon gas, which helps prevent warm or cold air from entering your home. A seal is then applied around the perimeter of the window to make sure the gas doesn’t leak out. 

Windows start to fail when the seal is damaged and the gas starts to leak out. There are several reasons for window failure. It might be the window wasn’t suited to your area’s climate. Or maybe it wasn’t installed properly. 

To lessen the risk of window failure, we strongly recommend only hiring experienced contractors. They can help you pick out a window that can withstand your area’s climate and make sure there are no installation errors. But how will you know when to call a contractor for a window replacement? How to Tell If There’s a Leak

A distortion in the window glass or hazing between the two panes is a sure sign you need a window replacement. Another sign is higher power heating and cooling costs brought about by window leaks. 

However, there may be other reasons why your power consumption recently spiked. If you’re wondering about how to tell you need a new tub, or any other home feature for that matter, it’s best to consult an experienced contractor. 

Looking for an experienced contractor in your neighborhood? 

Impact Home Solutions, a veteran-owned remodeler with nearly a decade’s worth of experience, offers a wide range of home improvement services. Need an estimate for a window or tub replacement cost? To get a free estimate, call us at (502) 705-5110 or leave us a message on this form


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