Things To Consider When Designing An Easy To Clean Bathroom

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Among all the areas of your home, the bathroom is the worst when it comes to collecting undesirable grime, mold and germs. It is never fun to spend your time tidying up, but you can reduce cleaning headaches by considering a bathroom facelift.

Local bathroom remodeler Impact Home Solutions shares these things you need to consider when designing a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean bathroom.

Less Is More

Simply put, the fewer corners, ridges, edges, seams and clutter within the entire space, the less there is to clean. Choose either a frameless or semi-frameless shower screen, for instance. It attracts less soap scum, grime and gunk, and thus easier to clean. As for the toilet, consider the modern configuration where the unit sits parallel to and against the back wall. This reduces the need to scrub the narrow spaces behind the toilet tank.

Use Less Grout

It’s hard to scrub away dirty grout from the tile floors. If you have smaller tiles installed, consider replacing them with larger ones. This way, less grout is used, ensuring it becomes less noticeable. Plus, the bathroom can hold its appearance for longer periods. It is worth considering if you are in the part of the remodel where you are determining the shower replacement cost.

Open Up the Bathroom’s Space

With an open space inside your bathroom, any nook and cranny will collect less dust and other dirty stuff. It also looks fantastic, especially if it creates an illusion of a larger bathroom. To achieve this, invest in fixtures that don’t touch the ground such as a floating cabinet or vanity. A walk-in shower is also a great way to make the bathroom look more open.

If you have questions like “Do I need a new shower?” or “Is a bathroom remodel worth investing in?”, don’t hesitate to turn to the pros of Impact Home Solutions. We’re a family business that specializes in home upgrades for homeowners whose bathrooms no longer meet their needs. Call us at (502) 206-2044 to learn more about our products and services. You may also fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.


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