Tips For Preparing Your Home For Spring Window Replacement

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Of all the seasons, spring is the best time to tackle window replacement. For one, the pleasant weather during this time allows the pros to expertly install your new windows without any delays. Getting a contractor to handle this project is also easier since spring is usually an off-peak season for home improvement.

Impact Home Solutions, the contractor you can turn to for tub replacement cost and other bathroom remodeling needs, also offers window replacement. Today, we provide tips for preparing your home for this particular project in spring.

Talk to Your Contractor

Keep in mind that home improvement contractors have their work ethics and work styles. Asking the pros is the best way to learn what you’ll need to do to make the job easier. Find out which pieces of furniture, appliances and other fixtures need to be relocated. This ensures an obstruction-free window

Clear the Way

It doesn’t matter if you are working with a window installer or a bathroom contractor—making sure their path in and out of your home is clear is essential so that they can perform their jobs faster. After all, the more they spend on a certain task, the longer it may take for them to get around to the actual work. Before the day of the window replacement, make it a point to remove the curtains or drapes, wall hangings and the pieces of furniture near the potential job area.

Place Coverings

Window replacement can get messy, so it’s a great idea to cover furniture that’s too heavy to move away from dust and debris. You won’t need to worry if your chosen contractor has covering materials, but it won’t hurt if you ask them before installation day just to make sure.

Keep Your Family and Pets Safe

You’ll want to reduce the health and safety hazards associated with the project. Make sure your children and pets are as far from where the job is taking place.

Impact Home Solutions is your leading provider of renovation services in our community. Call (502) 641-1023 to get started. You can also fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.


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