Tips To Keep Your Acrylic Bath System Clean

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Acrylic is a widely popular polymer material used in bathrooms because of its durability, versatility and waterproofing properties. Available in various shapes, sizes and colors, it is a common material in vital bathroom components such as bathtubs and shower systems. Its new and sparkling appearance helps make the entire space shinier and brighter.

Today, local bath replacement contractor Impact Home Solutions shares some tips to preserve the sheen of acrylic inside bathrooms.

Removing Dirt and Surface Build-Up

Acrylic has a smooth, non-porous surface that makes for easier cleaning and maintenance. For regular cleaning, mix water with dishwashing detergent or soap. Alternatively, you can use kitchen items like baking soda or vinegar to remove stains or hard water build-up.

In choosing commercial cleaners, every bath remodeler recommends brands that are non-abrasive and don’t have harsh chemicals such as acetone. For the cleaning materials, only use a microfiber cloth or non-abrasive sponge. Acrylic is a soft material, and using cleaning solutions or materials not fit for the surface may result in damage.

What to Do When Cleaning Acrylic Surfaces

Before you begin the cleaning process, make sure to remove any objects from the tub or shower area like the shower curtain and tub mat. Once everything on the tub or shower area is clear, start rinsing. This will soften any residue build-up on the surface. Be careful not to splash water on any other surface to prevent slippage or water damage.

Once you’re done cleaning, you can polish the acrylic surfaces to maintain the material’s original stunning appearance as needed. The process is simple and similar to when you wax your car. A simple liquid polisher or a car wax is enough to conceal any minor scratches and dullness on the acrylic’s soft surface.

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