What Makes A Bathroom Remodel Expensive

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A bathroom remodel is an investment that takes a considerable amount of both work and money. And if you want to keep some of its costs to a minimum, you have to understand where exactly most of your budget will go. Impact Home Solutions, the premier bath replacement company in the area, discusses some of the parts that make this project expensive.

1. Room Expansion. Moving or altering load-bearing walls is the typical solution when you want to increase the available space of your bathroom. As you might expect, the labor involved with tearing out and modifying the framework will add significantly to your overall expenses. If you feel like the room’s available space isn’t enough for all the new features you want, you shouldn’t have an issue as long as you have the additional budget. But what if you don’t?

Then you have to take your immediate needs into account. Having both a bathtub and a shower area will take up space. Do you actually need a tub and shower both? If you enjoy taking your time inside the bath, then a new tub might be the better option. For those who live a more active lifestyle, a new shower should be perfect. Whether you choose a shower or bathtub replacement, you’ll want to turn to a reliable bathroom remodeling like Impact Home Solutions for the job.

2. Water Damage. Leaks and moisture damage are a common issue in bathrooms with wood-framed flooring. Before you can update your space, these will need to be dealt with–which means additional repair costs. To ensure you won’t be taken by surprise, and to keep your remodel on track, make sure to set aside a budget for such contingencies.

3. Tilework and Plumbing. Most of your budget will probably go to these bathroom essentials. Laying the new tiles will require extensive preparation, plus dust and debris control. And if you have old and inefficient plumbing, it will also take money to replace its components and equip it with energy-saving features. 

Impact Home Solutions is the premier bath remodeler you can count on for the highest quality service. With our top-tier products and professional crew, we’ll upgrade your bathroom into a space that perfectly suits your specific needs and budget. We proudly serve Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (502) 705-5110 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.


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