Why Schedule A Bathroom Makeover This Winter

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Are you planning on giving your bathroom a makeover? According to the leading bathroom remodeler in the area, you may want to consider scheduling it this winter season. This is because setting a schedule at this time of the year has a few advantages over projects done any other time of the year.

More Shopping Options

One of the best times to buy hardware needed for your bathroom makeover is during winter season, just right after the holidays. By this time of the year, other homeowners are no longer in a rush to complete their own projects. This also gives you more time to check out your options in showrooms or consultations.

Contractors Have More Flexible Schedules

Knowing the lower shower replacement cost is important, but you also have to consider who will get the job done for you. Fortunately, most remodeling contractors have plenty of available slots after the holidays. Not only do you get more options, but you can also spend more time on consultations for the project so you can answer questions like “Do I need a new shower?” or “Should I get a frameless shower door?”

Early Spring or Summer Renovations

If you schedule your bathroom remodeling project in winter, you’ll have the option to have work started during the first week of spring or summer. Book any later than that and you may have to wait till august or late November because other homeowners have already secured their slots.

Overall Lower Expenses

Winter after the holidays also marks a time where hardware stores, contractors and showrooms try to clear out products that weren’t purchased during the last peak season, you may find a lot of the products you need for your remodeling project to be sold at a lower price. Since you can expect things like a lower shower replacement cost, you’ll probably find more options that you can easily work into your budget.

Schedule your bathroom remodeling project with our team of specialists. Impact Home Solutions is the most trusted bathroom remodeling contractor in the area. You can call us at (502) 705-5110 or fill out this contact form to request an estimate.


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