Your Guide To Planning A Bathroom Wet Zone

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Bathrooms used to be limited to bulky enclosures and a shower tray. While that’s functional, it can make your bathroom cramped and doesn’t bring much style. Nowadays, however, bathroom experts have a solution that will help you save space and make your bathroom stylish and functional at the same time: wet zones.

In this post, Impact Home Solutions, the experts you can turn to for a reasonable tub replacement cost, shares a guide to help you plan your bathroom wet zone.

Waterproof Against Leaks

For your wet zone to function properly, waterproofing is a vital component that you need to add. To accomplish this, have your remodelers put a waterproof membrane on your bathroom’s floors and walls before putting the floor finish. By doing so, you can create a waterproof barrier that replaces the traditional shower tray.

Get the Drainage Right

As with any bathroom, it’s important that you get the drainage right. When it comes to this, create a gentle slope or gradient in the floor by either buying a pre-formed tray that can be set and tiled on the floor or spread a leveling compound to form said slope. Connect the drainage correctly as well to maintain a good rate of flow from the gully.

Make Use of Your Walls

Space is one of the advantages of turning your bathroom into a wet zone instead of your traditional bathroom. With that in mind, make sure to make use of your walls by adding wall-hung bathroom furniture and fittings. That way, you can create a sleek and uncluttered look that enhances the feeling of space and eliminates awkward areas.

Use Glass

While you’re at it, consider having your bathroom contractor install a simple clear glass screen to protect your furniture and fittings from water spray while retaining an open, airy feel at the same time.

Pick the Right Tiles

In terms of picking tiles, on the other hand, make sure to choose practical but stylish ones for your wet zone. As much as possible, pick tiles that won’t become slippery when wet so your wet zone won’t become hazardous when in use.

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